Friday, July 3, 2015

Book Review: Maybe in Another Life

by: Taylor Jenkins Reid

This is a neat little book about Hannah, who feels she has fully messed up her life and moves home to Los Angeles. She is staying with her best friend and they go out her second night back. She meets up with her old high school boyfriend. There are two choices presented, stay out with Ethan or go home with Gabby. The rest of the book jumps back and forth on two distinct timelines. One, she goes home with Gabby and Ethan hooks up with one of Gabby's friends. Hannah is hit by a car and must work on recovery. In the other one she goes home with Ethan and they begin an intense love affair until she finds out she is pregnant by the married man she had been dating previously. Will Ethan stay or run? Either way, Hannah is having the baby.

It was interesting the things that stayed the same and the things that changed. Because each chapter jumps back and forth, you really have to pay attention. If there's one thing people might dislike about this book, it's that. Personally, I loved it. It has a predictable flow, and it's easy enough to keep track of.

This book surprised me. I thought I had an idea on what was going to happen, but nope...I was wrong. I was pleasantly surprised on both storylines, and appreciated what Hannah went through in both. Gabby had her own issues, and that was an interesting thing to watch as well. Hannah's one choice leads to other choices, and has effects on everyone around her. Her story changes everyone's story, too.

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