Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Review: The Wicked Flee

By: Matthew Iden

Good God I love this author! I put him right up there with Johnathan Kellerman, and better than Michael Connelly. This is the 5th Marty Singer novel. I've been reviewing these since the first. Marty is a tough, retired detective recovering from Cancer.

In this one, a current officer shows up late one night. His sister is missing, but being that she's a teenager he knows the police, even with his being one himself, won't do anything. She'd be considered a runaway. But Chuck knows something has happened.

What makes this especially exciting is that Chuck's sister, Lucy is incredibly bright. She has listened to all the tips her brother has given her, based on his own experience. He has told her what to do, and she keeps her head throughout the book. There's also another officer from another area working on an intersecting case. She's also quite bright and able to hold her own.

Marty mostly seems to be along for the ride on this one, but his thoughtfulness and insight prove invaluable to Chuck in his search for Lucy before time runs out.

Seriously exciting, and it more than touches on a wide extent of human trafficking that goes on in this country. It's a great value for $4.99. Now I'm stuck waiting for #6.

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